Wanted felon arrested in Bozeman


BOZEMAN, Mont. - A wanted felon on the loose in Bozeman is now sitting in jail, thanks to a tip police received on the man's whereabouts- and a couple who noticed something fishy in their home.

NBC Montana was there as police pulled up to the Law and Justice center with Bojan Troftgruben, a 22-year old man they were searching for, for over two weeks.

We're told he broke out of his GPS monitor the day he was released from jail in late March.

Police received a tip Sunday afternoon that Troftgruben was headed to a local grocery store.

They searched for him and set up a perimeter to track him down. But Troftgruben ran and hid inside a house.

The occupants noticed strange footprints on their floor- and found Troftgruben upstairs, so they called police.

Police arrested Troftgruben on a $50,000 warrant for Park County.

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