Vendors, volunteers prepare for Sweet Pea Festival


Vendors, volunteers prepare for Sweet Pea Festival

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Sweet Pea officials, volunteers and vendors woke up earlier Thursday morning preparing for the festival Friday.

NBC Montana went to Lindley Park Thursday afternoon and spoke with Sweet Pea officials about their plan to keep people safe from potential storms.

Sweet Pea officials expect 15,000 people to walk through the festival this weekend. Officials tell us they are following weather updates and do have a plan if a storm rolls in.

"If anything did come through that was really serious, then we would make sure to clear people out." Robyn Miller is a volunteer for Sweet Pea and says police presence and emergency crews will be on site to handle any situation.

NBC Montana asked her if Sweet Pea officials have been keeping up with the forecast.

"We watch it, but certainly don't allow it to scare us and always hope for the best," said Miller.

Volunteers from all over Montana came to Lindley Park, lending helping hands in setting up spots for vendors. While out in the park, we noticed vendors unloading their trucks and people setting up tents.  

One volunteer tells NBC Montana he helped set up staging equipment  and tables.

"Just helping them set up the stage area, basically just general setup, getting things ready," said Zachary Haroth.

Many volunteers told us they all have special reasons for helping out at Sweet Pea.

Richard Smith will sell fruit smoothies at Sweet Pea. Smith says money from the sales of his smoothies will be donated to local art organizations in need of supplies.

"All these nonprofits from the food booth are a big part of the community, I think. That's why we like to be a part of it," said Smith.

Volunteers say Sweet Pea set up is physical labor, but they enjoy seeing the community come together. Many volunteers told us rain on previous festivals has never stopped them from having a good time.

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