Valentine's Day rush drives increase of sales for small businesses


Valentine's Day rush drives increase of sales for small businesses

BOZEMAN, Mont. - While some areas of the economy are struggling, holidays like Valentine's Day are boosting sales for some small businesses.

"We're at 50 orders for Thursday. We're hoping to be at 400," said Jennifer Darr, the new owner of Langohr's Flowerland on South 19th in Bozeman. Darr said her shop is stocking up on extra roses.

She says with Valentine's Day just around the corner, orders will be flying in the door.

She says they are busy preparing flowers to stay ahead of the rush, "We typically line up all the vases, get them greened with all the greenery, and the last thing we put in them are the roses."

According to Darr, her flowers are delivered to her florist and unpacked right away. After that, the flowers are cut down and fed lots of water.

Darr said the red rose is the most common, but says folks are choosing roses of all colors.

"People will do a mixture too and have a yellow, green, pink, white and red. We like to offer a splash of color in our arrangements," she said.

We also checked in with with local chocolate shop La Chatelaine Chocolat to see how owners were handling the pressure of Valentine's Day.

Jean-Pierre and Shannon Grochowski are working overtime mixing homemade chocolate and putting on the final touches.

"We're working a lot more of course. We don't take a break," said Jean-Pierre.

They gave us an inside look into production to see how the French chocolates are made. Grochowski says they produce thousands of individual pieces a week and plan to sell double this week.

"We plan to sell 14,000. That's what we're shooting for."

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