UPDATE: Ennis water not considered safe to drink


ENNIS, Mont. - The Mayor of Ennis said they're urging residents to avoid drinking the city's water, because it could be contaminated.

On Thursday, the drinking water in Ennis got jeopardized after crews with Three Rivers Communication drilled through a water pipe while installing fiber optic lines.

Mayor Becky Vujovich said the water main quickly got fixed, but they put water restrictions in place because of a worry over contamination.

The city said the water is not considered safe. They're telling residents not drink the water or cooking with it- and that includes no boiling.

However residents can use the water for bathing, laundry and washing dishes- as long as it's in a dishwasher and not by hand.

Ennis is working with the Department of Environmental Quality to test the water for contamination, but Vujovich said the results might not be back until Tuesday afternoon at the earliest.

"We're really not anticipating that there's going to be a problem, but we do have to plan for that," she said.

She said until those results are back, the city is handing out free water for residents and businesses.

A water station is set up across from the Town Hall, between Pit Stop Pizza and Antler Design. Vujovich added they're also handing water out around town.

The water restrictions have the town- especially businesses- feeling the strain, she said.

"The businesses have been hit so hard. This is a hard time of year, and for them to lose any business is just really a tragedy.," she said. "Hotels are being hit hard. It's been a really, really big blow."

Vujovich said Town Hall will be staffed through the weekend, and they're asking for volunteers to man the water station and hand out water bottles door-to-door.

Volunteers can sign up at Town Hall, or call 682-4287.

Water will be available at the water station in 1 gallon or 5 gallon jugs, and individual bottles. Residents can pick it up 7 am to 6:30 pm daily.

Vujovich said Three Rivers Communication is not claiming fault or offering to pay for repairs. The city's picking up the tab for now.

Updates can also be the town's website: ennismontana.org

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