Update: Developer looks to expand historic district with more businesses


Developer looking to expand historic district into more businesses

BOZEMAN, Mont. - On Monday the Bozeman City Commission approved rezoning parts of a growing retail park.

The Bozeman Cannery District sits at the corner of Oak Street and Rouse in Northeast Bozeman. The Cannery District has been around for almost 100 years.

The City Commission redesignated the remaining light manufacturing areas to commercial retail use zones, to allow for shops and restaurants.

NBC Montana met with city planners and business owners to learn about what's being done to turn the area into Bozeman's newest retail hub.

Brian Krueger, with Bozeman's Department of Planning and Community Development, reviewed the Cannery District proposal. He looked at the how much development is planned for the area, and making sure new construction fits with neighborhoods historic appeal.

"Repurposing those buildings, bringing new life to them, while restoring the exterior character," Krueger mentioned of the project.

With the commission previously approving projects that led to the existing development in the area, like Lone Mountain Gymnastics and the Daily Coffee Bar, Krueger says the area's already seeing growing commercial development.

Krueger explained, "This amendment is really furthering that idea, promoting that type of use there."

Area business owners tell us that, as they've seen the Bozeman Cannery District grow and expand, they've seen their business do the same.

Along with the location comes easy parking and visibility, says Yarn Scout owner Sharyn Anhalt, "We havent even been open a year, and we've seen a tremendous growth and it's because of this location."

She also tells us the unique older buildings housing local businesses helps to build a sense of community among shoppers, explaining, "We see a lot of people coming and spending time here, as opposed to just driving up, going in one store and leaving again."

Anhalt supports the district's plans to continue growing, explaining the walk and drive by traffic into businesses makes the area seem like a mini downtown.

"We know that this is becoming a natural route through town," said Anhalt. 

With improvements to the area like upcoming walking and bike paths, Brian Krueger too is optimistic about the area's future.

"We really see the potential for growth and commercial development between rouse and oak," Krueger told us.

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