Two write-in spots open on Walkerville ballot


Two write-in spots open on Walkerville ballot

WALKERVILLE, Mont. - In Silver Bow County, just one municipality is holding elections: Walkerville, just north of Butte.

The ballot has two Alderman spots that are empty, with no one officially registered to run.

Walkerville sits just north of Butte. It takes up a little more than two square miles, and according to the 2011 census numbers, it has a population of just 670 people. But it is a town, and it's represented by six Aldermen and a mayor.

Three of those Aldermen seats are on the ballot, but just one, Ward 3, has a candidate -- incumbent Chris Campbell. The two the other seats are open for write-in candidates.

The Walkerville ballot may look cut and dry, but with two blank spots, city leaders said it might be time to consider restructuring Walkerville's government.

Chris Campbell told us that Walkerville's population has been declining, and the council has considered reducing the number of Aldermen from 6 to 4.

Campbell described the possibility that the three districts could be redrawn, cutting it to two -- a north and south district with two Aldermen per district. But he cautioned that nothing has been finalized, and things could change depending on the outcome of the election.

When we were in Walkerville this morning talked to Annette Bolton. She said she missed the registration deadline and is not actively campaigning for the position, but hopes to be written in.

The mayor's seat is up this election, current Mayor John Ries is running unopposed.

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