Two men arrested after Bozeman Ave. vandalized


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Numerous cars on a block near downtown Bozeman still bore the signs of damage Sunday, after two men were arrested in Bozeman on Friday for vandalism.

The incident occurred on the three block of South Bozeman Avenue off of Koch Street. just a few blocks away from Main Street.

Just before 2:30 Friday morning Bozeman Police received a call that two men were breaking off side view mirrors from cars on Bozeman Ave. and throwing them at other parked vehicles.

Police found the two men, later identified as 22-year-old Ryan Warkentin and 23-year-old Matthew Rule one block over on Black St. and arrested the men.

We talked to a resident about problems in this neighborhood.

Peter Brown lives on Bozeman Ave. and told us, "We get a lot of traffic from people who have had too much to drink. Hit and run is a problem. We've had at least a couple a year. And vandalism is probably our second biggest problem. Especially on Thursday and Friday nights."

Police reports we read through show they've confirmed vandalism on 6 vehicles.

Area residents we talked to suspect that number could be more than twice that.

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