Turnout for corgi club fundraiser exceeds expectations, helps food bank


Turnout for corgi club fundraiser exceeds expectations, helps food bank 02/23/13

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Dori Engblom had wanted a corgi for over a year.

"My grandpa kind of told us about corgis and I looked them up and I ended up liking them," explains Engblom.

Six weeks ago, she finally got little Cashu and decided to take him to Corgis in the Snow for a little fun and socialization.

"He was a little bit distracted, just a little bit so, he didn't do too well {in the race}, but that's okay," says Engblom as she snuggles up to Cahsu.

Folks with the Gallatin Valley Corgi Club say, they're a small relaxed group where anyone with a corgi is welcome.  They say Corgis in the Snow is their first ever public event and they didn't know quite what to expect.

"The goal was to get about 15 corgis out here with their owners and have a good time," says Gallatin Valley Corgi Club Member Steve Hample.  But instead, "I think the day turned into something about five times that big," laughs Hample.

Around 60 corgis and their owners turned out for the event, each encouraged to bring a bag of pet food for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank's pet supply.  

Hample's a six year corgi owner and a member of the Gallatin Valley Corgi club.  He says he didn't realize there were that many corgis in the Bozeman area but says he's not too surprised.

"It's amazing how popular they've become in the last few years.  There are are good reasons for that.  They're good dogs...These corgis are energetic dogs, they're friendly, they get along, they're working dogs, herding dogs," explains Hample.  

Instead of cattle, these corgis herded a soccer ball and the only work they did was for a hot dog or a treat.

Fellow Club member Sharon Henderson owns four corgis.  She's been in the Bozeman area for three years and says she's amazed by the local community.

"I knew there was an outpouring for this community because of the way they support the food bank but to watch how they feel about the animal community here is unbelievable and then today just puts an exclamation point on that," says Henderson.

Henderson says such a successful day means a lot more corgi club events to come.

"Just the amount of people that are here, the dogs, the interaction it's just been unbelievable...When we get together after this I really don't know what we're going to say.  Wow and let's do another one!" exclaims Henderson.

At the end of the day Corgis in the Snow raised almost a pick-up truck bed full of pet food for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank's pet supply and that's not counting the bins set up around town and monetary donations.

Monetary donations will go to the Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter.

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