Too many kindergarteners forces Belgrade school district to shuffle students


Too many kindergarteners forces Belgrade school district to shuffle students 8-28-13

BELGRADE, Mont. - It is a story we continue to follow out of Belgrade. Saddle Peak Elementary School will open its doors for the very first time to students on Wednesday morning. But for some kindergarteners who were originally zoned for Saddle Peak, they will now make the transition to a new school, because the kindergarten class is already filled to capacity.

We are told they had to do something in order to balance out the number of kindergarteners across Belgrade. On Tuesday we visited both Saddle Peak and Heck/Quaw.

According to Superintendent Candy Lubansky, Heck/Quaw is the school where just over 20 kindergarteners who were registered originally at Saddle Peak will start on Wednesday.

We are told the families that will move their kids are from areas in the heart of Belgrade and the Valley Grove neighborhood.

Lubansky says even though there is less than a day to go before the first bell rings, families are continuing to enroll. We wanted to know how they will handle even more students, when most of the schools are already full.

"What we will do is look at numbers tomorrow and next Monday, and the following Monday. We expect that there will be some changes where maybe we haven't been notified yet that a family has left the district, that kind of thing," said Lubansky.

Lubansky tells us she understands this frustrates the families and they are going to try to make it as easy as a transition as possible for the families. We also wanted to know if these students will return to Saddle Peak next year. She says once they attend Heck/Quaw they will do their best to accommodate families so they do not have to go through any more change.

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