Ticket sales soar as Powerball jackpot grows


Ticket sales soar as Powerball jackpot grows

BOZEMAN, Mont. - The Powerball jackpot is now worth 400 million dollars, making it one of the largest lottery prizes ever. In Bozeman, we found ticket sales are have already soared.

Lorena McClung has worked at a Town Pump in Bozeman since it opened in January. She told us Saturday alone they sold 105 Powerball tickets.

"A total amount of 522 dollars just in powerball tickets," said McClung.

As the jackpot continues to climb, McClung tells us the excitement continues to build.

"Most people are really excited because they want to win that money," said McClung.

With the powerball frenzy in the air, we asked folks what they would do with all of that cash.

" I would definitely buy a big house and get my dream car, a dodge viper," said Kraig Wheeler.

"I would put myself, my kids and my girlfriend through school," said Kyle Segmiller.

" I would definitely pay off my kids mortgages, my mortgage, and go on a long trip," said Karen Hardy.

"The first thing I would probably do is pay off my house, do the responsible thing, and then go crazy," said Shelley Bacon.

For all of those dreamers out there there is still time before the next drawing Wednesday night. McClung hopes sales will double, or even triple.

"Every ticket has a chance to win, so it is exciting," said McClung.

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