Three cases of whooping cough reported in Butte


BUTTE, Mont. - Our NBC Montana team spent a couple of hours Friday afternoon waiting to get the latest on a small whooping cough outbreak in the Mining City.

Here's what we know - Butte officials told our reporter they have no new developments, and aren't sure what will happen next.

We know that three cases have been identified. One is at Butte High School; the other two are at Emerson Elementary School.

Experts explained the best way to stop the spread of whooping cough is to be immunized, and to take action fast.

"If you're developing symptoms or vomiting or having trouble breathing," said Butte Public Health Nurse Helen McCloskey, "see a health care provider."

The Health Department encourages parents to get their kids immunized at two, four, and six months, four years old, and eleven years old. Adults also need to be immunized.

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