Thousands hit the slopes at Bridger Bowl on Christmas day


Thousands hit the slopes at Bridger Bowl on Christmas day

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Christmas day is usually a quiet one as most businesses close to give employees time to spend with their loved ones. Just outside of Bozeman we found thousands of people who spent Christmas day in a non-traditional setting.

Bridger Bowl was packed Wednesday as they were open for people to enjoy the slopes on Christmas day.

People we spoke to say it was the perfect way to spend their holiday. We met Per Anderson who is on vacation with his family. They came all the way from Minnesota.

"I just like skiing and this is one of my Christmas presents so I am pretty happy about that," said Anderson.

We also met people from Mexico, Canada, and all around the U.S. They came to enjoy time with family, looking to do something different this holiday. Stephen Kelley from New York was hoping to do just that.

"I think it is good to do something athletic, to get out, do something more than sitting around. Our daughter is out here finishing up at Montana State University. We decided it would be fun to do Christmas out here," said Kelley.

It was the first time Kelley and his family had hit the slopes on Christmas day, but we found many others who have turned this activity into a family tradition.

"My mom's brother took her here when she was a kid and then we started coming here with them," said Josh Powers.

"We usually come here for Christmas, and it's usually our tradition," said Ethan Jackson.

We also spoke to Douglas Wales. He is the Director of Marketing and Sales at Bridger Bowl. He explains Christmas is not the busiest holiday, but it is a memorable one for guests.
"Christmas for a lot of people is a great family day to get up on the mountain and skiing is a certainly part of our culture here in Bozeman," said Wales.

Wales says the busiest week of the holidays is right around the corner beginning Thursday and extending through the new year.

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