The Loudest, Coldest, Shortest Parade in Butte kicks off the Chinese New Year


BUTTE, Mont. - What's known as the loudest, coldest and shortest parade in Butte kicked off today in celebration of the Chinese New Year and the year of the horse.

About a hundred people waited outside the courthouse for the parade's leader to appear, the dragon.

An explosion of 300,000 fireworks signaled the beginning of the parade.

The dragon, controlled by the Montana History Club, lead the crowd through the streets, where the dragon blessed 12 Butte businesses.

The businesses open their doors and the dragon roars to scare away any evil spirits, so the business can have a profitable year.

We spoke to the dragon head's controller and the Montana History Club President about why this celebration is so important.

"I am just very fortunate to be here," said Zhenye Xu, the leader of the dragon. "and to be apart of this community. Not a lot of Chinese are here so hopefully to bless more and have people to come into Butte and enjoy this great event."

"We're losing a lot of history about Butte" said Montana History Club President Darby Decker. "So its important we keep some history and i think this is important, especially to the Chinese."

The dragon lead the crowd from the Butte-Silver Bow court house, around Uptown Butte, finally stopping at the Mai Wah Museum.

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