Tester weighs in on Syria


BOZEMAN, Mont. - We caught up with Senator Jon Tester, Thursday, and asked him if he'd vote for a tailored response.

He told us it depends on what that tailored response is.

Tester explains he hopes the president involves congress in the decision even though he has the authority to act alone.

Tester tells us it's a risky move and we have to be very careful.

What's more, he says we're trying to get the budget and deficit under control and a response wouldn't help and it would use U.S. resources.

"The Middle East has been a pretty crazy place for the past many years and it seems like the more we get involved, the more crazy it gets so, I would really need a lot more info before I could say "yes" or "no" but I'm probably inclined to say "no" unless it can be really justified and it is really necessary and it's really going to do this country some good," explains Tester.

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