Tester tours MSU satellite labs


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Folks with Montana State University showed off their small, satellite labs to Senator Jon Tester, Thursday.

They say they're on the cutting edge of technology nationwide.

Folks with the university tell us they showed Tester some of the technologies they've already launched and also showcased their mulch-disciplinary student involvement and broad-based projects.

They say the labs give students hands-on experience- students take the lessons they learn in class and apply them to real world problems.

"Being able to measure space weather and predict space weather has operational implications for the military, the air force, department of defense and also has implications for terrestrial implications and GPS signals," explains Montana State University's Ehson Mosleh.

Mosleh tells us their first satellite's been in orbit 22 months and they have four more launches planned in the next six months.

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