Test results reveal volatile gases present in Bozeman homes


landfill soil gas testing continues (2)

BOZEMAN, Mont. - We first brought you this story about a month ago when Bozeman city officials notified people in Bridger Creek Subdivision Phase III about volatile organic compounds. The city then asked residents to test the air inside their homes. We headed back to the community Tuesday to see how residents are dealing with the ongoing issue.

Darrell Bowman lives on one of the streets in the portion of the community being tested for VOC's. As Darrell looks out his front door, he can see the old city landfill, where the gases may be coming from.

"Have not heard anything back from them, so I don't know where we stand," said Bowman.

But he tells me until the test results come back, he is not too concerned.

"At this point I am not very worried," said Bowman.

Not everyone is feeling that way. We went door to door speaking with residents. One couple even showed us their test results, and said they are not happy.

We wanted to get the facts on the progress of the testing and what the city is planning to do next. City Engineer Rick Hixson tells us they have tested more than half of the homes they need to. They also continue to talk to them about a future plan of action.

"We are finding these compounds in the home, there is no question about that," said Hixson.

The problem is, they are not entirely sure if the gases are coming from the landfill.

"In some cases, it is just not that clear," said Hixson.

With the uncertainty comes more testing.

"We are trying to get permission to check under the slabs in some of the homes. That will require some drilling. We will test again in the winter," said Hixson.

We will continue to follow this story and bring you developments as we learn them.

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