Tech conference helps start ups build their businesses


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Software developers, web designers and business leaders in the technology industry gathered in Bozeman today to learn more about how to build their businesses.

Big Sky DevCon featured expert speakers there to talk about their experience in topics ranging from tech start-up advice and pitching to investors to marketing, communications and building customer base.

We talked to the keynote speaker, a successful entrepreneur and Bozeman native.

He tells us start up communities, like Bozeman, are the life blood of America and says it's important to embrace entrepreneurship in order to create new jobs.

We spoke to one attendee from Oracle who tells us he was there to recruit new employees but also found the conference was a great opportunity to learn and an eye opener when it comes to the tech industry.

"Urbanization of  technology is migrating to some of the more rural areas, traditionally, and existing industries like agriculture, ranching, mining are getting replaced with high tech industries and it's important for small, start up communities like Bozeman to take advantage of that," says Full Contact CEO and Co-Founder Bart Lorang.

"There's a whole lot of start up type energy- some established companies, some new companies coming up and it's very encouraging to see the tech sector in Montana grow like it has been," says attendee Mike Waldron.

Montana Programmers sponsored the event. They've grown from four members in 2008 to over 600 members.

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