Tarantino's Pizza remodels after car slams into building


Tarantino's Pizza remodels after car slams into building 6-11-2013

BOZEMAN, Mont. - A pizzeria in Bozeman got one unexpected visitor during a lunch rush.

Last month a car slammed into the kitchen, leaving over $25,000 in damage. We were able to get a first-hand look at the damage caused when it crashed into the side of Tarantino's Pizzeria on North 7th Avenue.

The owner, Ryan Olson, says he remembers the exact moment of the crash.

"I was in the dining room serving some customers and from the kitchen I heard a loud crash," he explained to us.

We went over to the restaurant Tuesday.  Walking around we could see the damaged area, including pieces of concrete that the wall was made out of.

Olson says, "We're changing the brand of the entire restaurant. We have a section we are currently operating that will be a pub and pizzeria and are taking over the rest of the building, which is something we are really excited about."

Olsen said the renovations were going to happen anyway.

"It was kind of fortuitous that this happened because all of the construction and remodeling was going to have to take place during off-business hours."

Because of the unexpected crash, and good insurance, the pizzeria will be able to afford to close down in order to come back better than ever.

Tarantino's on North 7th Avenue will close its doors this coming Monday June 17 and plans to reopen July 5.

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