Sweet treats attract hundreds to Gallatin Fair


BOZEMAN, Mont. - The Gallatin Fair had people packing in the fairgrounds Thursday afternoon.

NBC Montana talked to people at the fair who say they came out early, hoping to find a parking spot.

We stopped by one stand that makes funnel cakes. The cakes are made of dough and fried in oil. After they are fried, sugar is sprinkled on top for a sweet finish.  

Workers tell us frying up the dough in the oil made it a bit warmer while working outside.

Funnel Cake Chef, Fred Smith told us Wednesday night's rain had people running for their cars.

"I think more people came out tonight after work and stuff. It was pretty good until it rained last night -- a lot of people left because of the rain,"said Smith.

Parking attendants at the Gallatin Fair told us parking spots are hard to find late in the evening.

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