Sweet Pea Art Show displays local artwork


Sweet Pea Art Show previews local artwork

BOZEMAN, Mont. - The Sweet Pea Art Show will begin Thursday morning at the Bozeman Library, according to Chairwoman Katy Taylor.

The show features work by local artists and NBC Montana got a sneak peek at some of the pieces. The art pieces will be displayed on the foyer walls of the Bozeman Library.

Taylor told us she loves the festival and  what it means for local artists.

"I support art in Bozeman. It gives artists an opportunity to become known and have their work seen by the public," said Taylor.

Taylor says people can expect to see a wide range of landscapes, wildlife and portraits by local artists.

"I'm just really impressed with the quality of the artwork here in Bozeman."

She told us there are two categories for local artists to submit their work -- realistic and nonrepresentational. She told us the recognizable pieces include landscapes, portraits and animal studies. Taylor explained the nonrepresentational submissions represent the abstract, making it harder to distinguish what the artists are trying to convey.

She says there will be various pieces of art for people to enjoy at the show.

"As a member of the general public, I think there's a whole lot to see here and I'm always proud of the amount of talent here in Bozeman," she said.

The paintings will be on display until the end of August.

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