Steve Daines sits down for coffee, politics with Montanans


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Republican House Representative Steve Daines is back in for the week Montana, and he sat down for coffee with local residents in Bozeman to talk shop.

During Coffee with a Congressman, Montanans asked about everything from health care, to the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Congressman Daines answered, and told them what he's been up to during his time at the nation's capitol.

Folks said sometimes it's hard to follow all the issues, so they were glad to see Daines in person and get face time.

"We talked about the borders, we talked about logging, the pipeline- covered just about everything," said Bozeman resident Karen Marshall. "It was great to sit down with Steve to be able to ask him one-on-one what exactly is going on, and what they're doing about it."

Daines said it's important to spend time with the people he represents, and hear thoughts and concerns directly from them- as well as bring the inside story of what's going on in Washington right back to Montana.

"It's really helpful, first of all, for me to hear what concerns people back here in Montana," Daines said. "When you answer one question, they're ready to ask about three or four more questions- and that's a good thing to keep that good two-way dialogue going on."

As part of his week back in Montana, Daines will travel around the state. He has stops planned in Missoula, Helena and Billings, as well as other areas in the Gallatin Valley.

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