St. James Healthcare and Local Teamsters No. 2 settle contract


BUTTE, Mont. - The following press release is from St. James Healthcare and Local Teamsters No. 2:

St. James Healthcare and the Local Teamsters No. 2 announced today they have reached agreement in contract talks.

Bill Rowe, Business Agent for Local No. 2, Jay Doyle, Vice President and CFO of St.James Healthcare and Trisha Palmer, St. James' Director of Human Resources, agreed they are very pleased with the outcome of the mediation session yesterday.

According to Doyle, "We worked hard to reach an agreement that we were hopeful our associates would accept. Rowe said "It was a productive day with both sides making concessions to avoid a strike at the hospital. We explained the tentative agreement tothe members and they voted to accept the new contract."

The agreement reached includes a 2 percent across-the-board pay increase for all Teamster members at St. James and re-instatement of the "longevity" steps, which will be funded, in part, through contract concessions made by the Teamsters.

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