Some face delayed dream of homeownership during shutdown


Some face delayed dream of homeownership during shutdown

BELGRADE, Mont. - We continue to look at every aspect of how this shutdown is impacting Montanans. We wanted to know what is happening with folks who are trying to buy homes with federally backed loans.

Thursday evening we met Eve Parrow in Belgrade. She has been a realtor in the Gallatin Valley for more than a decade and says that the shutdown has put the breaks on some home sales. One client she is working with is looking to purchase a home through a rural development loan, funded by the USDA.

"It is minimal money down, you have to fall into certain requirements that are needed both financial and location," said Parrow.

However because of the shutdown this type of loan cannot be processed during the shutdown, bringing everything to a stopping point.

"The biggest impact right now is not being able to pull financial records that are needed for lenders directly from the IRS, those are closed down right now," said Parrow.

Closing for this home was scheduled for this Friday, October 11. But now Parrow says they have no choice but to wait out the shutdown. She says they have requested  a 15-day extension, and it could cost her client as much as $25 a day.

"In order to do the proper inspection that he needed, he needed to turn the power on, place the utilities in his name and is now responsible for that until we close," said Parrow.

Despite the issues, Parrow is staying positive and says she will continue to work with her client so he can finally hold the keys to his very first home.

We made calls to seven other real estate companies in the Gallatin Valley. Most of them tell us they can relate to the situation Parrow faces, and have clients that are experiencing the same issues.

We asked what people should do if they are applying for a loan. Parrow says it is important to keep up communication with your local lenders and banks as you dive into the process.

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