Small town rancher announces bid for U.S. Senate seat


small town rancher announces bid for...

WILSALL, Mont. - New developments in the race for Montana's open U.S. Senate seat. Dirk Adams, a rancher from the small town of Wilsall, is the first Democrat to announce he's seeking the position.

The announcement was big news in Wilsall today. It is town of less than 200 people. Adams is a relative unknown, so to get the facts right and try to track down Dirk Adams, we went out to Wilsall on Thursday.

We spoke to locals like Henry Hamm. Hamm told us the news surprised him.

"He has always been kind of a private person," said Hamm.

We asked folks around town what they knew about Adams.

We spoke with Don Scott. He is the manager of Park Farmers Co-Op.

"He has been doing business with us for as long as I have been here," said Scott.                                                        

Having worked in Wilsall for 24 years, he has the hope Adams will be able to represent the needs of a small rural town.

"To have somebody in that has been here, understands who we are, and what we are about. The importance of what is important to our community like agriculture and some of the business issues we have," said Scott.                                                     

When we were about to leave, we came across one more local, Rich Shaffer.

He said he heard the news, but says right now folks are thinking about other things, not necessarily politics

"I don't think that it means too awful much to too many people. They are too busy trying to bring in the hay, take care od depressed farm and stake prices, and keep their ranches going," said Scott.

We were able to reach Adams on the phone late Thursday. He tells us his major platform is job creation.

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