Slopes packed for Christmas at Bridger Bowl


Slopes packed for Christmas at Bridger Bowl (12-25-12)

BOZEMAN, Mont. - At Bridger Bowl Tuesday the sun was shining, and the slopes are packed with people who have the Christmas spirit.

"A lot of people have very positive attitudes about being here today. Everybody who's here wants to be here and they're very friendly and outgoing and a lot of people have said thank you for working on Christmas," said lift operator Nadine Nadow.

Nadow said holiday skiers came from as far as Russia and South America just to get to Bridger Bowl.  And while some people weren't able to be with their families, they couldn't think of a better place to be celebrating Christmas.

"Coming up here and kind of spend time together if we can't be with our families, not everyone can travel around for the holidays so we get to hang out," said Sam Hanssler.

"I guess if I couldn't be with my family I'd like to be here where everyone's just happy to be skiing and be outside," lift operator Brianna Baker said.

Most of the time up on the mountain you'll always see smiles and excited folks as they ski or snowboard, but Tuesday it seemed even more special than usual.

"It's great just to see parents teaching their children how to ski, which I think is special any day, but today especially seems like a special day for it, and just family spending time together," Baker said.

At Bridger Bowl it most certainly was a white Christmas.

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