Silver Bow County, school officials weigh options following tax error


BUTTE, Mont. - The Butte School Board has scheduled a meeting for noon on Thursday, in the district's headquarters, so that the board may discuss their options going forward following an error that left $700,000 worth of mill levy money off of property tax bills in 2013. The County has taken responsibility for the error. 

"Nobody's pointing any fingers here. It was a mistake that was made that nobody caught until now and now we've got to make sure that it doesn't happen again, " said Butte-Silver Bow Chief Executive Matt Vincent. 

Vincent says in the past, the language in tax bills had grouped the levy money in with another category, but that at some point, they were split up. This year, the levy's own category language didn't make it on the bill.

The error means the district will somehow have to make due without this year's portion of a $7 million, 10-year levy. In 2008, residents had given the go-ahead on the issue.  Vincent says the County may extend the cycle of the levy by one year. The levy is currently in its fifth year.

Vincent says the school district is considering borrowing money from other funds, citing reserve funds as a possibility. He also says he doesn't foresee the error significantly impacting Butte High School's soon-to-be-completed parking structure reconstruction project. 

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