Sacajawea students learn 'perseverance'


BOZEMAN, Mont. - It's called takeover day, where students focus on one of six core values.
Wednesday, students attended break-out sessions on perseverance.
They heard from speakers who explained how they made it through tough times and participated in activities, like "Minute to Win-It" games.
High schoolers led some of the exercises and say the hands-on learning helped students figure out what motivates them to accomplish a goal.

We asked students what they learned.

"Striving to do your best.  Persevering, keep going," says 8th grader Darra Perdaems. 

Fellow 8th grader Natasha Raynovich says she'll apply what she learned to school and volleyball.

"Keep pushing through, even if it's really hard and I'm having a bad day," explains Raynovich.

Bozeman High School students involved in "speak out" helped to coordinate activities.  They say they got a lot out of the day, also.

"It's just fun for me to come back and be in the middle school again and also help these 8th graders out and try to give them some of my wisdom from my high school days," says senior Nate Lamberty.

High schooler Tess Kerins says she hopes students walk away with tools to make their transition into high school a little easier.

"Just having high schoolers that these 6th, 7th and 8th graders can look up to is important," says Kerins.

The day kicked off with an all-school assembly with Superintendent Rob Watson.

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