Restaurants gear up for Veterans Day


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Veterans day is right around the corner and many in the food industry are preparing to give thanks. In Bozeman Sunday afternoon, we stopped by the Applebee's as they were getting ready to give away free meals to those who have served and active duty military.

General manager Scott Aplin has worked at the Bozeman location for 20 years and tells us nationwide they have been honoring veterans for the past five years. Aplin says they have been preparing for weeks, and expect anywhere from 500 to 700 people Monday. That means more food and more staff on hand ready for the big day.

"As a business were the ones doing it but its also a way for the employees who aren't as active in stuff like that to get caught up in the moment for the day and its a way for them to show their thanks as well," said Aplin.

Here is a list of other restaurants across the country that are participating in giving away free food for veterans and active duty military.

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