Residents packed The Depot in Butte for singing competition


BUTTE, Mont. - The third annual Mining City Star singing competition was held at The Depot in Butte Saturday afternoon.

14 talented singers from across Southwest Montana battled through grueling auditions and various tryouts to make it to this competition.

They sang 3 songs a piece in front of a panel of 10 judges including NBC Montana's own news anchor, Laurel Staples.

The competition lasted for almost 3 hours and there wasn't an empty seat in the house.

Coordinators told NBC Montana that they were impressed with the amount of talent this year.

"We have probably double the amount of talent this year then we've had any other year, we went to a few more towns hit up the high schools and the college campuses, and we've gotten an amazing turnout even with some of the younger ones like our little twelve year old so it's going good," said Natasha Richter, one of the Coordinators for the event.

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