Researchers uncover new artifacts at Madison Buffalo Jump


THREE FORKS, Mont. - Researchers from the University of Montana uncovered new artifacts at Madison Buffalo Jump State Park.

The buffalo jump is located about 30 miles west of Bozeman on the edge of a valley carved out by the Madison River.

It was used by Native Americans for 2,000 years to hunt bison.

Students were recording and cataloguing newly discovered stone circle teepee rings on Thursday.

Five archeology students have been at the park for the past two weeks. Much of their work has been going back over previous discoveries like routes native americans used to drive bison to the cliff.

Associate Professor Doug MacDonald says the work they're doing helps us understand our state's past.

MacDonald explained, "Buffalo jumps and Native American pre-history are a huge, important part of Montana's past. And so the Madison Buffalo Jump documents that and records that really wonderful past that we have and all share as Montana citizens."

The students' findings will be given to the Montana State Parks Heritage Resources Program.

Officials hope they can come back out to the Madison Buffalo Jump next year to do more research.

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