Representative Daines meets with veterans service provider group


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Congressman Steve Daines says the government shutdown won't effect veterans' benefits set to go out the first of November.

Daines attended a veterans service provider meeting in Bozeman today to find out what the group is doing for veterans outreach in the area.

Daines tells us finding jobs for veterans when they complete their service is a priority for him, like getting them into classrooms as role models and teachers

He explains it's important to help veterans fight the bureaucracy they sometimes face to get the benefits they deserve.
"It's so important we keep listening to the issues our veterans have, issues they have when they return from combat and so forth and making sure they get reintegrated back into our communities here in Montana. {Ensuring} they get jobs and not only taking care of the veterans but {making sure} their families are taken care of, as well," says Representative Steve Daines.

Daines tells us Montana has the second highest per capita veteran population in the United States.

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