Pyrotechnics crews already setting up for the 4th


Gallatin county fairgrounds fireworks

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Pyrotechnics crews arrived in Bozeman Wednesday to begin setting up for Thursday night's Festival of the Fourth. We went to the fairgrounds to get the facts and learn what it takes to wow the crowd with fireworks on Independence Day.

Cole Truscott, the coordinator of the big show, tells us it is 16 hours of manual labor for one 17-minute explosive display.

"It is spread out over two days. We will do all of the manual labor today, setting up the racks and getting the mechanical stuff laid out. Tomorrow we will put the live product in the tube and that still takes about eight hours for all of the safety measures we have to follow," said Truscott.

We watched the progress throughout the day and found things come together pretty quickly.

We asked Truscott what makes his fireworks display stand out from the rest. He says when he thinks of the big show the words big, exciting and memorable come to mind.

"We have the three, four, five and six-inch shells. They go up in different heights and burst into the air. We have a very big layered effect," said Truscott.

Truscott brought his family along this year. His wife Missy tells us every year is just as thrilling as the last. "As soon as it is dark we can't wait until you hear the music, and it is showtime," she said.

While his family anticipates the start of the show, Truscott tells us the finale is his favorite part.

"Being able to put together a show the whole crowd can enjoy. I really like to hear the crowd scream when we are all done. That is the best part," said Truscott.

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