Proposed mill levy for Gallatin College in the hands of voters


Proposed mill levy for Gallatin College in the hands of voters

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Gallatin county voters will see a proposed mill levy on the November ballot for Gallatin College.

Administrators at Gallatin College are hoping to establish local funding support and raise $369,856  for the two-year college. Over the summer they proposed a county-wide mill levy. County commissioners gave the green light in August, putting it on this November's ballot.

The proposal would raise the funds by increasing property taxes in the county. According to Gallatin College, a $200,000 home would see a $4.15 increase per year. Residents Deborah Haydon-Canfield says she doesn't mind the short spike for the sake of supporting the two-year college.

"Very much support education and having a two-year college is a very good alternative for so many people. It is just another opportunity for them to further their education," said Haydon-Canfield.

Roy Crosby agrees. "I'm a former educator, teacher and administrator here in Bozeman, so I'm fully in favor of money we spend of education I think that is good for the next generation of children," said Crosby.     

If passed the funds would go toward helping to grow college enrollment and create more programs and degrees. Some examples listed on the Gallatin College website include small business management, culinary arts and IT support technicians.

Gallatin County voters have until 8 p.m. on November 5 to make their mark and return their ballots to the elections office.

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