Preservationist calls on Montanans to help save historic Livingston locomotive


Preservationist calls on Montanans to help save historic Livingston locomotive

LIVINGSTON, Mont. - $75,000 by this Monday. That's how much Chris Fussell, the president of the non-profit Dynamic Rail Preservation, needs to raise to save a Burlington Northern F45 locomotive from being scrapped.

"It's a historic locomotive and it deserves to be preserved," Fussell said.

It's the last of its kind, and Fussell's is the final effort to save the train.

"Having the diesel locomotive in a museum will preserve that type of technology for future generations to see," Fussell explained.

He explained saving this train will show people how the technology of the railroads advanced over time.

The railroad has agreed to sell the locomotive to Fussell, if he raises the funds. But, Fussell said, "the railroad moves quickly."

Fusselll needs to come up with the money by Monday or else the railroad will break it down to sell and recycle its parts.

"You can't really blame the railroad for not handing locomotives left and right to museums because that goes against the whole idea of being a corporation," Fussell said.

That's why Fussell created a crowd source fundraising campaign in hopes that people will come together to save the train.

So far, the campaign has only raised a little more than $3,000.

But, people from around the world have already contributed, which he said shows the locomotive's value.

"I'm hoping to get the word out to the local people in Montana to say, 'hey, you got an international effort to save a train here in your backyard,'" he said.

Fussell explained if this locomotive is not saved, he feels a piece of Montana and railroad history will be forever lost.

"Montana has got deep roots in Burlington Northern, people have family that work here in Livingston, in Havre, Whitefish, Great Falls, and they most likely ran those locomotive," he said.

To learn more or to contribute to the campaign, visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/preserve-burlington-northern-emd-f45-locomotive

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