Preseason riders take advantage of fresh snow


Preseason riders take advantage of fresh snow 11/09/12

BOZEMAN, Mont. - The lifts haven't moved in months and Bridger Bowl Ski Area's not set to open for several more weeks, but that's not keeping a number of preseason go-getters from tackling the slopes.

Bozeman local Caleb McDonald wasn't expecting to be here today.

"I went to sleep at probably 10:30 last night and saw it wasn't snowing so, I wasn't too hopeful," says McDonald.

This morning was a welcomed surprise.  McDonald called his friends Julian Holland and Will Hensleigh to hit the slopes.

"This is going to be day four for me so, any turns you can get this early are pretty precious," says Holland.

Yet, they say preseason conditions can be tough.

"Sometimes you find the grass or the rocks underneath the snow, skiing on the ground but as long as you don't open it up and take nice, easy slow turns, you'll be alright," says McDonald.

They say they're playing it safe and not taking any chances.

"You're not going to be charging it too hard.  It's not a day to be a hero out there," says Holland.

Will Hensleigh agrees.

"Wear your safety gear.  I got my transceiver.  Always bring a transceiver and a shovel," says Hensleigh.

We caught up with some folks on their way down to find out about conditions towards the top.  One rider we talked to skiied Pierre's Knob.

"It was pretty good.  It's like a little rocky in spots but, for the most part, not bad.  There's a lot of people up here, though.  I like to see that," says Bozeman skiier Cooper Raasch.

Go-getters like these hope it's a sign of what's to come.

Folks with Bridger Bowl say if there's a ton of snow towards the end of the month, it's possible they'll open up on weekends only.
Otherwise, they're set to open Friday, December 7th.

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