Pothole Patrol: vehicle damage could cost hundreds


Pothole Patrol: vehicle damage could cost hundreds, tire shop says 3-11-13

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Potholes, to the say the least, are "annoying," as quoted by Bozeman resident Dawn Denecke.

They're hard when you hit them, and hard to miss.

"I try to hover over them or steer like a big barnyard turn around them" Denecke said, about her strategy to get around them.

But potholes are not just a small annoyance- they can have a big affect on your vehicle.

"It could be several hundred dollars to get the vehicle fixed" said Johnny Ruff, manager of Whalen Tires.

Ruff said he's seen cars with bent wheels and flat tires from potholes. But some damage isn't highly visible.

"There will be many a things that you might not notice right way, like knocking the alignment out" he said.

It's important to get your alignment checked whenever you buy new tires, Ruff said, to make sure nothing is off.

The best thing is to avoid hitting that rut. But if you can't miss it, Ruff said check for damage right away.

"The car will start driving funny. It might pull one direction or the other" he said.

So those annoying holes in the ground don't leave a hole in your wallet down the road.

The City of Bozeman encourages people to report potholes by calling 582-3208. Officials say they try to get every hole filled within a week of the report.

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