Potential students pack Montana State University


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Montana State University opened its campus, classrooms and activities to prospective students Friday. High school juniors and seniors along with their families packed the campus. Students could even sample classes and learn about the different campus organizations.

NBC Montana caught up with a few potential students to find out why they choose to visit.

"I was actually born here. Grew up here for a little bit. My dream has always been to come back here," said Ashlee Leum.

Another student we spoke with says he talked to several MSU students about what the university has to offer.

"I got the chance to talk to some of the people who are involved in the school to get their point of view on it," said Kyle Parmley.

One student flew in from Maine to check out the campus.

"Pretty awesome. I like it. I find myself coming out here I think," said Mike Thurston.

Montana State University reports 1,700 students came to visit the campus. They say that's 500 students more than last year.

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