Portions of medical marijuana law to stay blocked


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Medical marijuana patients and providers have more time before a judge decides what will ultimately happen with the state's medical marijuana law.

On November sixth, voters upheld Senate Bill 423- the strict new law passed by the 2011 legislature.

But a legal challenge on that legislation is still pending.

"It doesn't really change our lawsuit" said Chris Lindsey, President of the Montana Cannabis Industry Association. "We still think it's unconstitutional. We still think that the courts need to weigh in on it."

Right now, a temporary restraining order blocks portions of SB 423- including the limit of three patients per provider, and whether providers can charge for product and services.

A hearing originally scheduled for Tuesday was pushed back to December.

The restraining order's in effect until then, outweighing the election day outcome.

"What we're looking for, is for the court to ultimately agree to hold back some of the harshest provisions within the current medical marijuana law" Lindsey said.

The court will hear arguments on December 13th.

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