Police sell more than 100 bikes at auction


Police sell more than 100 bikes at auction

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Danielle brown and her husband are proud owners of two new bikes.

"We each got a bike today, great price," Brown said.

They stopped by the Bozeman Police Department's bike auction that is held twice a year.

"We have bikes that are getting recovered, sometimes they're found, sometimes they get turned into us," explained Captain Andy Knight with the BPD.

Capt. Knight explained they try to find the bike owners, but more often than not, the search comes up empty handed.

"We end up doing a bike auction and taking some of the money to put back in the Police Department fund to help us fund some other stuff," he said.

The Bozeman Police Department sold about 120 bikes at the auction on Saturday.
The bikes started around $5 for something broken down, and sold for up to $200.

Brown paid $40 for her two bikes.
She said the auction is exactly what she and her husband needed.

"We only have one car and its such a nice weather in the summer, biking is great," she said. "It helps my husband get to work. I think it helps a lot of people because you find all these bikes all over the place and you can just sort of reuse them, fix them up, start again."

Capt. Knight agreed.
"Some of the bikes need work but people will fix them up and it's a very bike-oriented community, bike friendly, so it gets people out there using the bikes," he said.

"They both need the bars so they can stand up on their own and there's sort of a little bit of a flat tire on the back of my husband's, so get that fixed, but it won't be much," Brown said.

Bozeman Police Department says one way to prevent your bike from ending up at an auction like Saturday's is to register your bike with the city. It's free, and that way, if police recover your bike, they can easily return it to you.

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