Police chase and shoot escaped calf in Uptown Butte


Police chase and shoot escaped calf in Uptown Butte

BUTTE, Mont. - A calf from a meat packaging plant ran for his life and found himself in Uptown Butte, and at the end of the barrel of a shotgun.

Ranchland Packaging Company Manager Justin Fisher showed us how the calf escaped.

"We put him in the pen, of course, and as soon as he went in the pen he came right out and we thought it would just stop and eat some hay but he just followed the railroad tracks down Iron Street," said Fisher.

According to the ranch manager, the calf was smaller than the calves they normally deal with and managed to escape through one of the holes in the pens.

"There was nothing we could do," said Fisher. "We followed it on foot. We saw it right here and it followed the railroad tracks and took off and we tried to run around and push it back this way but it wasn't having it."

The calf made his way to Uptown Butte where locals spotted it and called Butte police.

"We tried to corral it a couple different times and it always got away from us and they tried to lasso it once," said Undersheriff George Skuletich.

Skuletich had his own worries: "Our biggest concern is this animal hurting somebody," he said. "Or a car striking it and it hurting somebody inside the vehicle."

So as it moved toward the interstate, officers tried to force it into an open area.

"The calf did comply and went to an open area, it got up against a fence was ready to go through the fence when we had an officer dispatch the cow," said Skuletich.

Fisher said this time was a freak incident.

"We thought it would just stay right around here and they go a lot of distance real quick," Fisher said.

Fisher told us ranchers were on site when the calf was shot and were able to salvage its meat. He said the calf won't go to waste, and even though it can't be sold, the meat will go to the owner of the ranch.

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