Police caution slick roads during winter storm


Police caution slick roads during winter storm

BUTTE, Mont. - Light snow continues to fall on the Mining City and snow continues to pile on the streets. But the biggest threat of this storm is the slick roads.

Snow plow driver, Eric Smith, has more than thirty parking lots to clear.

"We're just trying to keep the businesses clear so everyone's happy and so they're not traveling through the snow," Smith said.

But he tells me what to watch out for are slick roads.

"They're really icy, a lot of snow, a lot of people just need to be careful out there," he said.

Patrol Officer Brian Sullivan said the police are ready for the wintry weather.

"We try to be prepared for whatever comes," he said.

But Butte resident, Nigel Martinez, had a close call earlier Sunday night.

"We were trying to take a left hand turn and kind of almost slid into a fence post," he explained.

And Smith is doing everything he can to clear the snow, but told us even with plowed streets, people need to be careful.

"You know look at your road way conditions and stuff and prepare for it," said Smith.

Police officers want to remind you to take it slow and be cautious of icy patches on the road while driving.

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