Plan to restore Upper Clark Fork River Basin approved


BUTTE, Mont. - The Trustee Restoration Council in Helena made a decision on Monday regarding the restoration of the Upper Clark Fork River Basin.

The council is in charge of overseeing the plan and has given the plan its approval.

Now it heads to Gov. Brian Schweitzer's desk for his signature.

NBC Montana talked with an environmental specialist to learn more about the $117 million plan.

"To have the Trustee Restoration Council endorse it, I think, it says the fact that this council did a great job, and they really took it to heart," said environmental science specialist Pat Cunneen.

"They've met almost 50 times and had public meetings and this is the fruit of their labor. To have this council approve it it's a big compliment to them and the community," added Cunneen.

More than $65 million dollars will go to projects aimed at improving water and soil in Anaconda, Drummond, Elliston and Missoula.

The aquatic projects will receive $40 million, and that will be divided in half to maintain waterflow and restore over 13 different watersheds.

Roughly $18 million would go towards repairing landscapes and other agricultural projects.

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