Pipe bursts, floods Butte High School


BUTTE, Mont. - The dangerous weather is taking a toll on southwest Montana, as a burst pipe caused a flood in Butte High School.

A pipe burst this evening on Wyoming street, sending a wave of water through the first floor into classrooms, offices, and the parking lot south of the school.

On Wednesday evening, crews tried to clean up as fast as they could and pump the water out.

School officials said the water was waist high in some areas.

The water also spilled into the parking lot, and with the bitterly cold temperatures, that could freeze over and create dangerous conditions.

This is the same parking lot that was repaved last year after it was heavily damaged by water.

"It's just a mess," said Butte High Activities Director Chuck Merrifield. "The city's doing a great job. They've got a ton of crews out there trying to address it. We're going to try to make sure it's safe for kids tomorrow and parents."

The school said they still plan to hold class on Thursday, and hope to have all the water cleaned up by morning.

On Thursday, there will be no access either driving or parking on Wyoming street, but school officials said they will make the sidewalks safe for students to walk on. They hope to get the parking lot south of the school sanded.

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