Overcrowding expected at big game matchup


Overcrowding expected at big game matchup

BUTTE, Mont. - One of the biggest football games to hit the Mining City in over two decades is taking place tonight.

The Butte Bulldogs will face the Bozeman Hawks for the state AA title.

Over 6,000 tickets have been sold and that's already well over Naranche stadium's capacity.

That has some fans wondering if there will be enough room for the big game.

Officials are estimating 7,000-plus fans to show up and folks were still looking for tickets early Friday morning.

The Civic Center opened its doors at 8 a.m., earlier then planned, because people were lining up outside the doors.

"We've seriously seen seven or eight thousand people buy tickets," said sales manager Mitch Morgan.

The question around town seems to be "where are they going to put everyone?"

Crews have been hard at work the past couple of days at Naranche Stadium, doing everything from assembling additional bleachers to making more space for the over-capacity crowd.

"We took some portable bleachers from the Civic Center, these big steel bleachers, we set them up so people can stand on them and we're sure we can get 1,000 people on those bleachers," said Bill Melvin, Butte Civic Center manager.

Even with those additional bleachers the crowd numbers still don't add up, so fans will want to show up as early as possible to find a good seat.

"Well you know this is a huge thing for our community and we wanted everybody who had a chance to go to the game, to go to the game," Melvin added.

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