Outreach center for domestic violence in need of more volunteers


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Bozeman's domestic violence shelter and help center says it has seen a spike in the number of reported cases over the past year, and now organizers are looking for folks who can help.

Haven officials credit the spike in reported incidents to greater public awareness of domestic violence. Haven is the domestic violence shelter for the Gallatin Valley.

Executive director Kristy McFetridge said the crisis line runs 24 hours a day, offering help when anyone needs it.

"Our crisis line has been exceptionally busy.  That's something we've seen over the past three years. Dramatic increase for demand of Haven services. In our last quarter we had over 1,200 crisis line calls," said McFetridge.

McFetridge said last year they saw more than 2,600 calls to their crisis help hotline at the Haven Shelter. She said  they averaged about 14 calls per day.

Right now the shelter has 10 people to operate the hotline, but the increase in calls has also increased the need for volunteers.

Autumn Benedetti oversees the hotline. We asked her what kind of help they're looking for.

"Volunteer qualifications -- mostly to be interested in what we're doing, to be compassionate, and really have an interest in helping the community to make some kind of difference," Benedetti said.

Haven's hotline is 406-586-4111.

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