Organizers kick off Montana Folk Festival with new banner


BUTTE, Mont. - It's a sign the Montana Folk Festival is nearly here -- literally a sign. A banner bridge now hangs over Main Street, near the Original Mineyard, one of the main venues for the three-day festival. It welcomes people into Butte as they enjoy the music, food and vendors.

Organizers told us hanging the banner is a yearly tradition, but this year the sign is brand new.

Montana Folk Festival Coordinator Josh Peck told us, now that the banner is up they're looking forward to all the festivities.

"It's really exciting. We got all our crew assembled; we got a great team, a bunch of hard workers and volunteers and some employees. We're just really excited, it's going to be a great year," said Peck.

Organizers said they already have more than 800 volunteers to help set up.

Folk Festival begins next weekend, and runs July 11 through the 13.

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