Orchids take center stage at Gallatin Valley Mall


BOZEMAN, Mont. - The 12th annual Sacajawea Orchid society show and sale wrapped up Sunday at the Gallatin Valley mall in Bozeman. Most of the growers were local, coming from areas like Bozeman and Missoula. We met Charlie Spinelli of Churchill, MT on Sunday afternoon. He tells us growing orchids has been a hobby of his now for 35 years.

A fun fact we were told by Spinelli is that orchids can grow natively on every continent except Antarctica. He tells us if you look closely you might find native orchids right here in the treasure state.

"Montana has at least 2 dozen different species of orchids that grow right here in the state, usually they are in the mountainous areas there is one called calypso bulbosa that I have seen in the Hyalite area, if you catch it just right they are a little pink flower they are like a lady slipper, said Spinelli.

Organizers estimate they will have sold several hundred orchids this weekend.

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