No bidders for Brincks, Deluxe land


BUTTE, Mont. - The auction is over and no one decided to bid on the land where the former Brincks and Deluxe buildings once stood.

Butte-Silver Bow opened a live auction Wednesday morning, for the land on the corner of Front Street and Utah Avenue, across from the old train station.

Crews demolished the buildings in late February, ending a years-long battle over the historic buildings.

The city set the minimum bid at $50,000 dollars, but not one single person was interested.

Council of Commissioners Chair Cindi Shaw said the city will now go with its backup plan, which is creating a packet for development proposals.

"We believe it should be back on the tax rolls," said Shaw. "And I would also love to see someone buy the land so we can put that money back into the coffers after we spent so much money to tear it down."

Shaw told us if the Developer's Packet plan doesn't pan out, they will go with a third option, to transform the lot into a landscaped gateway entrance to Butte.

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