New towers arrive at Bridger Bowl


New towers arrive at Bridger Bowl

BOZEMAN, Mont. - New developments on a story we've been following since the first of the year. Tuesday the lift towers arrived for Bridger Bowl's two new ski lifts.

Bridger Bowl, a popular ski area north of Bozeman,  pulled out its old Alpine Lift last month and is now installing a new one.

NBC Montana went up to Bridger Bowl Tuesday morning to check out the new towers. Bridger Bowl Marketing Director Doug Wales told us the towers range from 25 to 35-feet tall. He told us the height of the tower will depend on its location on the mountain.

The massive steel beams are staged at the base of mountain.

Wales explained crews have been preparing for the arrival since the old Alpine Lift was hauled out last month.

"We've removed any trees that we needed to remove just to provide a corridor for that chair to pass through," said Wales.

NBC Montana walked around the towers with Wales who told us crews have already mapped out just where each one will sit.

Crewmembers we spoke to on-site tell us they have taken down the older green tower, built in the late '60s. The new towers are 6 inches larger in diameter.

Wales told us the location of the towers will allow skiers to get up into the mountain faster.

"We'll have about 3,300 people per hour that we would be able to transport up hill, as opposed to 1,100 per hour," said Wales.

He told us adding the towers and new lift will allow for more access to beginner and intermediate terrain. Wales told us it would provide a more comfortable and reliable experience.

"It would serve another segment of that skier population out there -- the intermediate level -- which is a lot of folks out there in that range," he said.

Bridger Bowl representatives say people visiting the ski area should avoid any construction zones along the mountain.

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