Museum of the Rockies brings the rainforest to Bozeman


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Rainforest Adventure is a new, interactive exhibit folks at the museum say teaches the bio-diversity of the rainforest and its four different layers.
The exhibit is a maze where visitors answer must answer questions to make their way through.
Museum representatives say interactive elements like monkey bars and a zip-line will keep folks of all ages engaged.

"The rainforest exhibit really brings in a different part of the world that folks here in Bozeman may not have too much experience with so, by bringing in an interactive exhibit that's great for kids but also adults as well- really engaging- will help expand our knowledge, not only about the rainforest but about all sensitive ecosystems around the world," says Museum of the Rockies Early and Elementary Education Director Angie Weikert.

The exhibit kicks off tomorrow and lasts through May 5th.

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